Should You Work at Home?

Many people want to work from home because they imagine lounging about in their pajamas, avoiding the morning commute, sleeping in, and spending more time with their families. While all of these can be advantages to stay at home jobs, there are some questions you need to ask before you plunge in:

1) Are you organized and disciplined? Work at home still means work. With no one looking over your shoulder, you need to be able to get projects done on time with almost no external pressure.

2) Is the job you want available as a work from home position? Your employer may be willing to let you work from home some or even all of the time. You can even strike out on your own as an independent contractor. However, make sure that the position and pay you want is available or you may become dependant on credit cards or personal loans to stay afloat.

3) Are you ready for the solitude? If you rely on coffee cooler breaks, you may find working at home lonely.

4) Can you keep healthy boundaries between work and play? It’s tempting to sleep in and work on the weekends, but that robs you of your weekends. Will you be able to create time for both work and family?

5) Do you have a place at home where you can work well? You may need to set up an office and you may need to teach people around you not to interrupt you while you work.

6) Will your status change as a worker? Will working from home make you self-employed or a freelancer? If so, this might affect your income taxes and your ability to get loans. Check first.

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