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  • Why Buying in Bulk Can Save You Big Cash

    buying in bulk cash savingBuying lots of items often ends up costing you less than buying one item individually. Often, this is because sellers would rather sell lots of an item (and make more money) rather than keep more of an item in stock. Where possible, you will want to work with friends and family to buy items in bulk to get great discounts. Here’s how:
    -Join a members-only bulk shopping center. There are many of these. For a yearly membership fee, you get great discounts on a wide selection of products. Often, you can save more by signing up as a group.
    -Buy direct from growers and producers in bulk. You can often save even more by cutting out the middleman. For example, if you want to enjoy fresh produce or meat, contact a farm in your area and negotiate to buy in bulk directly from the farmer. You’ll get great quality food at a fraction of the price you’d pay in stores.
    -Wait for sales in stores and stock up on items you tend to use frequently. When you see a great deal on school supplies, paper towels, laundry soaps, and other regular items, buy more so that you won’t have to buy at full price a few weeks later.
    -If you’re buying a car, find someone else who is buying a car and see if a dealership will cut you a deal if you both buy. Dealerships would rather sell two cars than one and are often willing to work harder to make two sales at the same time.
    -Cut down on your bills by bundling your services together. Getting your Internet, cable, and cell from the same provider, for example, can save you cash and can make bill paying simpler.…